6 Easy Steps to Becoming a YouTube Gamer

If you love playing games, why not turn this hobby into money-making? Yes, you heard it right; you can make money by playing games and giving tips to others on how to play games. This can be done by becoming a YouTube gamer; all you need is to create good videos in which you can show people how you play and what are the tips and tricks you use.

Starting a YouTube channel is easy, but getting views and maintaining that is pretty challenging. Numerous people play games when they are free; therefore, the competition is really tough. Various gaming YouTubers have billions of views on their videos, such as DanTDM, MrBeast Gaming, PewDiePie, etc. Plus, there are thousands of small channels, so how will you make your way and stand out. 

Worry not, there are a few steps which you can follow to get a lot of fame, views and help you make good money. Want to know? Then read on:

6 Easy Steps to Becoming a YouTube Gamer

Below are the steps for you that can help you become a well-known YouTube gamer-

Step 1- Find your niche

The first thing you need to do is find your niche so that you can plan and make your strategy accordingly. Planning is very important as over 15% of YouTube content is gaming related, which means that the competition is tough. You need to create videos that are different from your competitors and do research on what your target audience is looking for.

There are various gaming categories you can choose from, such as: 

  • Walkthroughs- These are the video game guides that are majorly for 1-player story mode games. These videos are for gamers who wish to learn something new and pass different levels. The duration of these videos should be short and includes commentary and a lot of post-production video editing. But, you can do video editing with any online video editor as it makes the complete process quick and seamless.
  • Humour/Show/Machinima- In these videos, you need to take small films of gameplay, and you ought to edit them to create a new story that is entertaining and funny
  • Reviews- These videos are particularly associated with giving reviews on any new game that comes or any new level released. YouTubers watch these videos when they want to buy a new game to know its reviews and if it is worth buying or not. This gives a lot of information on the new game releases, such as the type of game, its level, gameplay, graphics and much more.

 Other types of gaming videos are-

  • Let’s Plays
  • Esports
  • Live Stream

You can create any type of video as per your interest and the demand of your viewers.

Step 2- Find your tools

To create a good quality video, you will need to invest in some equipment. Therefore the tools required for becoming a YouTube gamer are-

  • Gaming platform and access to the game- The first thing you need is a gaming platform such as your PC, PlayStation, Xbox, etc. You might need additional hardware and software for playing games and recording your videos, such as-
  • Video Recorder- A video recorder is a must for you to record your gaming videos. You need not invest too much; you can select any device that can record in 1080p.
  • Screen capture Software- It is essential for you to purchase a screen capture software to show the game you are playing
  • Microphone- Clear and good sound is important to record good videos so that your audience can hear you clearly.
  • Video editor- You need to opt for a good online video editor to edit your videos quickly and easily.
  • Lighting- A good lighting is important to make your videos look professional and make you appear more approachable

Step 3- Posting on your YouTube gaming channel

Once you are done recording the video, the next thing you need to do is upload the video on YouTube; you need to ensure that the titles you choose are catchy and different; plus, do not forget to use the keywords in the content as they help rank your videos higher.

To boost your YouTube engagement rate, make your videos more attractive by creating custom thumbnails, as they can significantly impact viewers’ decisions to click and watch. Additionally, craft an amazing introduction, as connecting with your viewers in the first 15 seconds is crucial; otherwise, they might skip your video.

Step 4- Promoting your channel

Posting the video is not enough; promotion is very important to get more views and for becoming famous. The first thing you should do is promote your YouTube videos on your social media platforms to help you get more views and attention.

The next important thing is that you need to make sure that you post more content and increase communication with your audience as you start to get a response. You can promote your channel by contacting various influencers and putting ads on various social media platforms. Do not forget to be consistent in posting your videos, as that is the key to increasing your ranking on SERP.

Step 5- Track and analyze the performance

Do not forget the video after you post it; instead, track its performance and see your video’s number of likes and comments. Review which video gets maximum and minimum views; this will help you get an insight into what your audience likes. Thus, you can create similar videos in future and stop creating videos that your audiences do not give a response to.

In fact, you can also track the duration of the viewing time of the video by your viewers, so if your videos are skipping your video before 15 seconds, this means that you need to change the content or video type as per your customer’s expectations.

Step 6- Make money

This is everyone’s favourite step, i.e. making money. Once you post your videos and promote them, more people will get to know about your gaming channel, which will lead to increased subscribers and more money. You become eligible to join the YouTube partner program once you have 1000 subscribers on your YouTube channel; this enables you to post ads on your channel. This is another excellent way of making money through your YouTube channel.

Summing Up

These were some easy steps for becoming a successful YouTube gamer. Follow them if you want to make yourself and your channel famous, as that is the key to making more money. Post videos regularly and take appropriate feedback, as listening to the criticism patiently and working on them helps you improve as a creator.

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