7 Useful Video Formats for Your Real Estate Video Marketing Strategy

You might be wondering about the best way to boost the market for your real estate business, but wonder no more! Video marketing is one of the most popular strategies for increasing property sales. Moreover, it is the perfect way for real estate agents to showcase their listings in all their glory. 

As a real estate agent, you are always looking for new ways to market your listings and attract potential buyers, aren’t you? Not only does video marketing allow potential buyers to see the agents’ properties in detail, but it also gives them a good sense of the atmosphere and ambiance of the real estate asset. 

Why Are Real Estate Agents Concentrating More on Video Creation? 

With the advancement in technology and the increase in the usage of social media, videos are becoming more popular than ever before. The real estate market has seen a significant increase in video creation as it helps agents to reach a wider audience and expand their reach extensively. Facebook and Instagram live streams allow quicker communication with potential clients while also showcasing properties without leaving your office or home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the real estate industry. The pandemic has led real estate agents to take advantage of new technology and explore social media more deeply.

Ideal Video Formats for Real Estate Industry

Video marketing is an incredibly powerful tool for real estate agents, who have the opportunity to exhibit their creativity and professionalism. There are numerous possibilities for deciding what type of video will best suit your needs as a business owner. Nowadays, you will find several real estate video editor apps available online that can make your work even easier than before and help you make an impressive video. However, with a wide variety of different video formats, it can be hard to understand which one will be apt for your business. 

In this article, we have listed the seven useful video formats for real estate videos. So let’s dive in and take a look at all of them! 

1. Social media Videos

Social media videos can be an excellent tool for realtors to expand the market for their properties. You can make real estate videos to promote your listings on various social media platforms and increase the prospects for your real estate assets.

For instance, if you are selling a home, video materials would work well with quick clips showcasing what makes the place so great and why the viewer must opt for it. Every time you sell a property on social media or any other platform, your viewers will see it through their social media feeds or explore the web. Doing so will increase the number of leads and hence sales. 

Certain real estate video editor tools can make your work effortless and facilitate creating a professional video for you. So, you do not need to worry. Promote your property listings now!

2. Customer Testimonial Videos

With the rise in popularity and accessibility of technology, many people use videos as their preferred way to communicate and connect with their audiences. Testimonial videos have become a crucial medium that buyers use these days when deciding which company they would like to buy from. 

Consequently, you should always ask your customers if they are interested in shooting a feedback review video for your products. You can accomplish these goals by simply getting them started with recording footage on their phone camera and sharing those clips with you.

Once you get the customers’ video providing feedback, you can accumulate positive reviews from all your customers and share them with prospective buyers.

3. Property Video Tour

Property video tours have always been in demand. Property videos will eliminate viewers’ doubts and facilitate decision-making. 

There is nothing like a video to give the buyer that perfect sense of perspective and help them in deciding whether to shortlist the property. 

An amateur video will not be able to persuade buyers to shortlist and visit the property unless the video is created with professional care and the content is catchy and fascinates viewers. If you’re looking for a video editor to create alluring content, you will find various real estate video editor tools available to help you create a simple yet professional video in minutes with a few simple steps.

4. Realtor Profile videos

Realtor’s profile videos are a great way to reassure buyers and let them know whom they are about to deal with. Investing time in creating a realtor’s profile always pays off and deepens the trust between buyer and seller. 

Profile videos help real estate agents to increase brand awareness, improve brand reputation,  and provide an overview of their real estate market to potential clients or sellers who may be interested in working with someone like you. Try creating a realtor profile video, post it on your website page, and analyze the difference. You can even share the link to the video on the buyer/seller page.

5. Create Drone video footage

One of the most popular uses for drones is creating a property video that shows off the entire area around the property. These videos can be taken from various angles and give buyers an idea about how it will actually feel to live there, even before visiting the property. 

Such videos provide valuable information on potential neighborhoods and ensure that every detail about their new home or investment comes through clearly. Also, you can get drones at an affordable price in the market these days. Create videos with the help of real estate video editor apps that will brief you with an amazing drone video with an aerial perspective.

6. Neighborhood video tour

Professional editing has become an integral part of creating quality video content. A video tour of your neighborhood can be the deciding factor in acquiring new customers. With all this information being put out there on social media, you must showcase what makes your listing stand apart from others. 

You can make real estate videos to fetch a massive market share for your properties, showing buyers how active and alive a place will make them want to live there. Every buyer wants to know about their new home’s surroundings, and a well-presented video can provide them with all of this information in detail.

7. Contract Walkthroughs

Contract walkthrough videos are a great way to make sure that you and your prospects understand every part of the final purchase agreement. These short clips can also be used as guides during other important moments in closing, such as when preparing an ALTA settlement statement or seller’s net sheet, so it’s always best to keep them ready. 

Contract walkthroughs are a great way to ensure your clients know what they are signing. These videos can help you avoid future disputes about the contract’s details and prevent any confusion during the deal’s closing. 

Wrapping Up

There are endless possibilities when it comes to real estate video marketing. We have tried to provide you with an idea about the variety of video formats to choose from for your next real estate marketing campaign. Implement these seven video formats into your next video marketing campaign and see how it helps you increase leads and conversions.

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