7 Most Effective Real Estate Video Tips for Astonishing Videos

Real estate videos are an excellent way to fetch the attention of potential customers. The reason why people have started using videos for marketing is that more than 50% of buyers purchase or rent a house through the Internet.

People like watching every small detail of the house before they purchase it, and videos are a great way to show them every corner of the house. To get more attention to your listings and generate more leads, it is essential for you to make real estate videos.

The major reasons for using videos in the real estate industry are-

  • They help build better relations with your customer and gain the trust of your clients.
  • Videos increase the chances of you being discovered and help your content rank naturally on the internet.
  • They look professional and creative.
  • Videos work better than images.
  • Your clients will start reaching out to you instead of you constantly reaching out to them.

Best Real Estate videos tips for creating astonishing videos

Creating a real estate video seems tough, but you can do it seamlessly and quickly by using the real estate video editor available in the market. There are a few tips that you can use for creating amazing real estate videos. Some of the best ones are-

1) Slide Show

You can create a slideshow for showing your property as this works best in the real estate industry. It works well because, on every slide, you can show different rooms and angles of the property. For example, in one slide, you can show the living room; in the next slide, the master bedroom, washroom, etc. It is the easiest and best way of creating real estate videos.

 You can also add motion graphics as they make the video look more attractive and different. 

2) Virtual Tour

Give a virtual tour of your home to help people know everything about the property. You need to remember that while filming the video, walk slowly so that it gives them a feel of a real tour. In the virtual tour, you can cover the entire home; you can do this by using photographs or creating a video. 

In fact, these days’ people are using 360°, which gives a better look at the house and enables the buyers to experience the complete home. The best way is to start the video with a nice short introduction of the property plus; the video should be shot in wide-angle and have close-ups to show the details like flooring, tiles, carved woodwork, etc.

As there will be plenty of movement, you need to ensure that there is not too much motion. You can also take photos and create a video out of it. Do not forget to add a catchy call to action by adding your company’s website and agent’s contact number. Ensure that the video is not more than three minutes; this is what a perfect real estate video should look like. 

3) Explainer Videos 

One of the best ways to make real estate videos is to create explainer videos. For creating an explainer video, first, you should create a list of videos that buyers and sellers are interested in. This is recommended as this will help you rank high on Google, and the target audience will be able to find you easily.

You can create explainer videos on the topic you think a lot of your customers have questions about. So, all you need is to find a topic and create a three to four-minute video answering your customer’s problem or explaining the details of your property.

A few things that you can use in explainer videos are the advantages and disadvantages of moving in, FAQs when people move to this property, the cost to live there, a few must-know things about the property and neighbourhood, etc. 

4) Analyse your competitors 

Before creating any real estate video, it is recommended to check what kind of videos your competitors are making so that you know the trending topics and make better videos. In fact, you can use a real estate video editor to make your videos look more professional and unique than your competitors.

Watching your competitors does not mean stealing their idea; you just need to see what difference they are making to get such an overwhelming response. In fact, you can also see what they are missing on and create videos on the topic your target audience might be interested in. 

5) Niche Down 

Another tip for creating amazing real estate videos is to niche down and analyse the audience. Know your specialties and see what sets you apart from other real estate professionals in the market. These questions will help you analyse the type of videos you can create, which will certainly help you get traffic to your website and increase conversions. 

By focusing on your USPs and specialties, it will become easier for you to create video content that will help get the attention of more viewers through content marketing. For example, if you specialize in luxury homes, your content marketing strategy should emphasize the unique selling points and lavish features of your properties. Instead of showcasing basic amenities and discussing minor details, your videos should focus on the opulent elements and the modernization of the homes you offer. This content marketing approach will effectively highlight the luxurious aspects of your properties and attract a target audience seeking upscale living experiences.

6) Keyword Research

Here comes the next important thing: do the keyword research and see what your target audience is searching for. Keyword research and usage is important as it helps get you discoverable easily on SERP plus makes your ranking high organically.

Keyword research helps get you the information on the most widely used keywords by your audience, and then you can use them in your video content. Optimising your videos with keywords helps you rank better than your competitors, and once your video ranks on the first page, it can easily get organic traffic to your real estate website. 

7) Avoid selling all the time

Do not sell or promote your property all the time as people hate the idea of being sold to. Therefore, avoid selling in every video; create FAQ videos, testimonial videos or a video stating notes by the CEO or founder, etc. This makes them feel connected to your brand.

Create videos that help or amuse customers even if they are not ready to buy or sell. Be a trustworthy data source so that people feel like buying from you. 

Bottom Line

These were some of the most effective real estate video tips for creating astonishing videos; using them can help increase your brand awareness and get more customers organically. You can invest in some video equipment and editors to create professional-looking videos for creating amazing videos. Do not get dispirited if you do not get a response initially as it takes time to get views.

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